not surprised it's so close to her funny bone

not surprised it’s so close to her funny bone

A favorite conversation with my youngest:

G: “Mom! Today at school I found out where my soul is!!”
Me: “Really?” [skeptical our beloved public school would delve into this topic]
G: “Yes!”
Me: “That’s great! Tell me all about it. Where is your soul?”
G: “It’s right here.”
[proudly points to elbow area]
Me: “That’s where your soul is? I thought that was called an elbow.”
G: “No way! This is definitely my soul. [pause] Um, what IS a soul anyway?”
Me: “Um, well, babe, your soul is who you really are. It’s what makes you you. It’s your heart and spirit. It’s the part of you that lives forever. It’s pretty amazing.”
G: “All that is right here?” [incredulously points to elbow again]
Me: “[laughing] Most people point to their heart when they are talking about their soul, but if you want to think of it in your elbow, that’s fine with me.”


Your soul is extremely important. It is You. Do you think about it much? Do you take care of yours?

Soul Care is a curiosity, hobby, and a practice of mine. It is essential to Compassion because it’s the well we draw from. We don’t have any love to give if our Souls are empty. Is yours empty?  How do you fill it?

I believe that God is relentlessly in love with you. No matter what you do or what you’ve done, you cannot lose God’s love. No exceptions. Jesus loves you. The Holy Spirit is speaking to your heart, gently and persistently beckoning you.

I’d be angry, lost, bitter and alone if not for Jesus. Pretty mean, too. He saved my Soul. If you have questions about Jesus loving you, please contact me at or in the comments below.

I started a list of Soul Care Resources here.  I hope you find one or two that resonate with you.

Lastly, here are the Family Compassion Focus posts that are more about my own soul journey.  You can search for the word/category Soul in the sidebar and these will come up.  Here is a complete list:

* No One is the Boss of Us – Don’t miss today’s wonderful guest post about an 8-year-old Aimee Fritz reveling in all the things “little girls aren’t allowed” to do. (contribution to You Are Here Stories) – 10/11/16

The Home Inspector – Sometimes confession is excruciating. (contribution to Perissos) – 10/7/16

The Waves – 20 Years of Marriage – Choosing to stay when I know I’m not good enough. – 8/23/16

My Body Tells the Truth – The hard struggle of loving our bodies. (contribution to Perissos, published as “Bound Up in Betrayal”) – 7/18/16

Being the Best Blessing Ever – Finding freedom from perfectionism and all the superlatives. (contribution to Perissos) – 7/7/16

I’m Batman – His only superpower is self-discipline. (contribution to Perissos) – 6/23/16

* Slow Kingdom Coming Family Toolkit – Soulful questions, activities, and prayers for families seeking to pursue justice, love mercy, and walk humbly. *Free Download.* Written with SKC author Kent Annan – 6/7/16

New Girl – I wish church was more like friends hanging out in a loft on TV. (contribution to Perissos) – 6/5/16

* The Luggage – One time my family went to donate at a homeless shelter and they thought we were checking in. 5/23/16

Legion – Demons, Jesus, Me. (contribution to Perissos) – 5/19/16

* Literally – If you read the words in the Bible literally, it will be weird and gross. (contribution to Perissos) – 5/9/16

American Robin - Jerry McFarland - via Flickr

American Robin – Jerry McFarland – via Flickr

* Robins – My daughter almost died. The robins reminded me God is Good. 5/5/16

I Stopped Praying for My Kids – Prayer has been tricky. 4/29/16 (later shared on Perissos, 5/6/16)

*  The End of Pretending – The Angry Psalms changed my life. (contribution to Perissos) – 4/25/16

*  A Wrinkled Mess – I hadn’t ironed in so long, that when I finally did, I heard God. True story.(contribution to Perissos) – 3/23/16

*  The Buoy – You are not the Buoy. God is the Buoy. (contribution to Perissos) – 3/13/16

Scabs & Scars

Scabs & Scars

Scabs and Scars – It seems like my body is a mess. But I’m growing more thankful for its vulnerabilities and the stories God tells through it. (contribution to Perissos) – 2/29/16

A Kiss or An Ambush – I didn’t realize that I might be like Judas (contribution to Perissos) – 1/27/16

* Church is Like the Gym – and I don’t like the gym – 1/29/16

Running Away – are we running away from God or running to meet him (contribution to Perissos) – 1/27/16

* He Already Did (Advent) – sometimes it feels like God isn’t listening (contribution to Perissos) – 12/15/15

* Not Yet (Thanksgiving) – some day all will be well and I can be thankful for that – 11/23/15

Mark Rothko, No. 14, 1960, Oil on canvas, 114 1/2 × 105 5/8 in.

Mark Rothko, No. 14, 1960, Oil on canvas, 114 1/2 × 105 5/8 in.

* Fighters – how can we talk about the world with our kids in light of the attacks in Paris? – 11/17/15

* A story of Surrender, unfolded throughout October 2015: Held, Food Poisoning, Context, January 28th, My Surrender Begins, A Gentleman’s Invitation, Giving Birth, Bad Dancing, Heat, A Playlist for Surrendering, A Little Note About WorryingThe Haiti Chicken Dance, Ugly Americans, A Little Note About Anxiety, Kintsukuroi, I’m Not a Player, What I Did Over Summer Vacation, SweetnessBullies, WreckedSeeds, You Gotta Be You (Halloween) , This Is What I’ve Got

* Don’t Touch My Face (Ash Wednesday) – am I supposed to fix my Problems on my own? – 2/17/15, also featured on Perissos 2/11/16

I miss you, red hot hearts.

I miss you, red hot hearts.

* Valentine’s Day Sucks – are we looking to get love or give love? – 2/13/15

* Listening – are we on the lookout for God in our busy lives?  is he really trying to talk to us?  – 1/7/15

* Dangerous Christmas – is the Christmas story a cozy nativity scene or a call to live dangerously? – 12/21/14

* Little Rainbows – life is a very hard mixture of pain and joy – 12/18/14

"Fallow Field" - Jana MilneFallow Fields – my continuing transformation toward a different kind of life –  11/5/14

You are loved.

hopkins soul quote

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