A pictorial history of our family’s Family Compassion Focus journey.

Greta’s Christmas Craft Sale to Help the Homeless in December 2015 was a wonderful success!  Her goal was $500 and people generously donated more than $2275!  She used $500 to buy a formerly homeless family bedding, towels, and kitchen items for their first apartment.  Then she used $500 to buy the same kinds of things on amazon for newly arrived refugee families through World Relief.  Then she gave everything else to DuPage Pads and their comprehensive work with the homeless less than a mile from our house.

Caleb’s 2014 Compassion Project was running a 5k for DuPage Pads, the homeless shelter a half mile from our house.  His goal was $100.  He was shocked when, due to a donor’s employer’s matching gift, it became $455.


Zoë’s 2014 Compassion Project was collecting school supplies for homeless and refugee students at our school.  More than $400 in supplies and cash for her to buy supplies was left on our front porch.  She had been thinking about it since the winter.  She skipped through the store singing when we bought supplies with money others donated.


Our first Compassion Project of 2014 was an Underwear Drive for homeless children in DuPage County.  A kind local shop owner said she wanted to do something with us.  People donated 1202 pairs of underwear in February!  Amazing!


Our Compassion Focus for 2013 was all about Clean Water.  We were so happy to find Blood:Water Mission.  Through a crazy series of events $20,000 was donated!


2012 was our first year to commit to a Family Compassion Focus for the year.  The kids voted for Orphans.  Our hearts broke.  We learned a lot.  You can read more about that year here.

The first time our family tried a Compassion Project was in 2010 after the devastating 2010 Earthquake in Haiti.  It changed us forever.  You can read more about that here.

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