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Little Rainbows

The sun is out! Hallelujah!

Every year I put these beautiful Swarovski crystal ornaments on branches. It’s a tradition. My parents give us one each year (since 1995). My kids love how they fill the room with rainbows.


Normally I put them up quickly at the same time we do our tree and there’s lots of chaos and I beg the kids not to help me so they won’t break. It’s not very cheery, or holy, or reflective, or fun.

Last week on one of our many gray afternoons I slowly hung them when I was alone in the house. Each one has the year on it (1995-2014). I was filled with deep memories and visceral emotions as I pulled each one out of their safe little boxes.

1995- the year my mom bought me the first one in Salzburg, Austria in the middle of the Sound of Music tour (groan) and the day before Chris proposed on the edge of the Vienna Woods (unquenchable joy)
1996- our first married Christmas
1998- life altering car accident
2001- quit consulting, 9/11, still no baby
2003- pregnant with twins
2004- oh my gosh we have twin babies
2006- dark toddler years, am I going to make it?
2007- super surprise pregnancy
2008- kapow! Greta arrives
2010- Greta falls out the 2 story window and lives; new house renovation
2011- Chris’s mom, my dear friend, dies; a terrible year
2013- the amazing $20k blood:water mission year
2014- my fallow field year, intense beauty and pain

So this morning when the sun came through, the crystals sparkled for the first time this year. I was overcome. Those memories and prayers were multiplied and transformed into praise across the room. Tiny rainbows and promises.

The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy.


Sundogs – Fargo, North Dakota

© Aimee Fritz and Family Compassion Focus, 2014-2015. 


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