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[featured on Perissos, 5/18/16]

The story of Legion gives me nightmares. It’s about a naked, bleeding, demon-possessed man with super-human strength, who lives in a cemetery, intentionally cuts himself with stones, and haunts the region with his screams. I think Legion looks like Sasquatch, the Hulk, and Satan all mixed together.

'incredulità, rabbia, disperazione" by gelato_alla_prugna via Flickr

‘incredulità, rabbia, disperazione” by gelato_alla_prugna via Flickr

In my dreams I walk toward the hillside at night, and I want to help him. I want to take him to a homeless shelter where he can get a shower, a meal, and a bed. I want to drive him to the ER and have someone look at his open wounds. I want him to get transferred to the Psych Ward. I want to give him a fresh start.

I walk up the hill in the moonlight driven to find him. When he jumps out from behind a stone my adrenaline surges. I see his crazed eyes, long, matted hair, and gray teeth. I see his naked skin smeared with months of dirt and blood. I see deep scars from all his self-harm, and dark bruises from all the chains he’s broken through. I smell him. He roars like a predator.

I realize I can’t help him. Obviously. Because he’s controlled by thousands of demons.

So I start to run. Over the tall grasses and broken rocks. Down the hill. And of course I fall, because this is a nightmare, and of course he catches me. I wake up with my heart racing, panting.

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"my eye" by ida via Flickr

“my eye” by ida via Flickr

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