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The Buoy

[featured on Perissos 3/14/16]

I’m hiding in the bathroom. Everything is too hard. Again.

My child’s big doctor appointment was a disaster. Again. The note from school was embarrassing. Again. Big changes at my husband’s work. Again. Texts about a long death, a baby in the hospital, and a broken deal all dinging on my phone. Again.

Wrinkled receipts, unopened mail, sticky cold medicine, half-filled lunch bags, and late library books cover the counters. Again. Off-key piano and bass practice take up all the air. Again. No bread or milk in the fridge. Again.

I rushed into the green guest bathroom to try to hide from the tidal wave of anxiety. I heard its distant roar when I was clearing the table. Again.

“God? I can’t. I’m not going to make it.”

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"Room for One More" - photo by John Watson via Flickr

“Room for One More?” – photo by John Watson via Flickr

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