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New Girl

[featured on Perissos 6/3/16]

I think I finally found a new church.

I’ve been searching for a long time. I need a place where people accept me unconditionally, even when I make huge mistakes and have bad ideas. And thank God I found it. Right in front me. Right here on Hulu. It’s the TV show New Girl.

new girl fox

Photo via Fox

One night my husband turned on a show with some woman in little girl/old lady dresses talking dramatically to three/four really immature guys. They all lived in a big loft together. I rolled my eyes. “Nope. This show looks lame.” He said, “I really think you would like it, but okay.” He turned it off.

A couple months went by. The only things left in the queue were some documentaries we’re never going to watch. So my husband suggested New Girl again, and I relented. I laughed so hard. My husband smiled knowingly. We watched all five seasons.

It is the story of the “adorkable” school teacher, Jess, and her three or four male roommates. Nick is the unkempt bartender (former law school student), Schmidt is the Jewish business professional (former overweight outcast), Winston is the clueless cop (former basketball player, radio host, and manny) and Coach has always been the coach. Her lifelong best friend, Cecilia, is the gorgeous Indian model.

You know going into it that Jess and at least one of the guys is going to hook up, and that one of the other guys is going to fall for her best friend, Cece. You know that there will be classic sitcom shenanigans, impossible situations, avoidable misunderstandings, and lots of casual sex.

I’m a 43-year-old suburban mom that’s been happily married for almost 20 years to the only person with whom I’ve ever had sex. I love Jesus, memorize the Bible, and pray all the time. I have three kids who beg me to stop talking about God. Nothing in my life looks like New Girl.

And yet.

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new girl

Photo via Playbuzz

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  1. Anne Capozzi says

    I’m new here. I’m reading the book the 9 arts of spiritual conversations and have half the book underlined. Loved the article on stopped praying for the kids….so right on. Keep doing what you do! We all need this kind of encouragement in these dark days! God Bless!

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