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Let me be clear, my family is not special, we are not better than you, we don’t have our act together or any magical powers. We argue, fight, cry and yell. We are selfish, swear, and make dumb mistakes. Like how I yelled at Caleb last night at the Walmart during our family’s special compassion moment. And yet, God still wants us, Team Fritz and Team You. God can use all of us to bring his love into this hard world. I share some of these stories on World Changer Wednesdays.

Loving new people in new ways has wrecked my Soul. Our family’s compassion journey somehow brought up a lot of my old habits, sins, and wounds. I’ve had to receive a lot of compassion. I didn’t expect this. There’s a lot of transformation happening in my heart and my home that no one asked for. But I think it’s what I’ve always wanted. I share these secrets in posts tagged Soul.

I’m happy and a little scared that you found this page. I hope you find things here that make you feel loved and understood. I hope it will make you curious about compassion, and how your family, heart and world could change. Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas.  I would be honored to hear your stories.

aimee fritz bio picAimee Fritz is an introvert who delights in telling long, true stories about everyday absurdities in her suburban life. She believes in an unseen God, hopes to someday feel qualified to parent, and is now allergic to every food she used to enjoy. Long ago she consulted companies, churches and nonprofits. These days she funnels all that energy into helping people see themselves as lovable and loving World Changers.  She loves to write, speak, and laugh about compassion, souls, and big mistakes.

To arrange a meeting, a talk, or an article, contact Aimee at familycompassionfocus@gmail.com.

You are loved.


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  1. Hi Aimee,
    I have been following you and reading your blogs and I am very interested in your passion. I am a mom of 5 and I am also the coordinator and Bay Farm Community Churh Mops. We are a group of moms looking to make a difference in our families and communities. After reading your blogs, I believe you could really offer some valuable information and guidance to our group. I hope you consider arranging a speaking engagement with us here in Alameda, Ca.

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