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Trading Hope

Our family has done lots of compassion experiments to raise money and awareness for world changing organizations. We made soap and gourmet lemonade for clean water in Africa. We made ornaments to give a house warming party for a formerly homeless family. We baked cupcakes to help orphaned and imprisoned children in Uganda.


these were fun to make!


the first 500 were fun to make, the next 700 were not as fun

box of birds 1

these bird ornaments were my favorite

This year our Family Compassion Focus is Haiti, and we’ve chosen to work with Haiti Partners. But our circumstances are different than previous years. We live in a new state and don’t have the kind of network one builds after living somewhere 19 years. And we don’t have the energy it takes to make thousands of dollars worth of crafts. I’ve been wondering how we can finish 2015 strong, giving Haiti Partners what we have. Especially without using a chicken suit.


final call for the chicken

Greta and I visited the Haiti Partners Children’s Academy in Haiti in October. We did the Chicken Dance, stayed in the mountains, and learned some Creole words. When we asked Greta what she wanted to get Jesus for his birthday present she said she wanted to help the teachers at the Academy. She is 7 and has a beautiful and kind teacher here in Georgia. She adores her. She thinks all teachers are super heroes.

Greta also loves being a girly girl, dressing up, and pretending to be a lady. She likes to pout and strut in the mirror and has been caught with makeup on at church more than once. I keep learning in this year of Surrender that God only wants what we have. He only wants what my kids have, too. He shaped them with certain delights and loves to see them come to light. How can Greta give God what she has? How can we encourage her toward that?

Greta loves teachers, loves beauty, loves dressing up, loves girly things. How can those things be used to love and serve people in Haiti??

Trading Hope saves the day!


Danielle, my best friend and Greta’s godmother, came to visit recently. She is a Trading Hope Stylist, and she brought pieces from their beautiful Fall Collection. Greta got to try them all on. She LOVED it!  She was in heaven! On her own she put together “outfits” (sets) of the jewelry, based on stories she imagined in her head. Then tried them on and modeled them. It was delightful.

We decided to do an online Trading Hope show from November 11th-November IMG_327317th. Anyone, anywhere can buy beautiful, hand-crafted, artisan made, fair trade, sustainable jewelry from Trading Hope. When you buy jewelry from Trading Hope. you are changing lives! (please read this World Changer Wednesday post for the full story).

On top of that, Danielle will donate 10% to the teachers at the Haiti Partners Children’s Academy! So generous!

This is a wonderful opportunity to get your Christmas shopping done for the women in your life – wives, mothers, daughters, aunties, nieces, sisters, and girlfriends. It’s a win-win-win. You finish shopping early. You’re a world changer helping alleviate poverty around the world. And you delight others with beautiful gifts! (Ordering details at the bottom.)

These are the “outfits” Greta put together all by herself. I think she did a fantastic job! To see more information about a specific piece, click on the name and it will take you directly to the description on the Trading Hope website.

Greta calls this the "Mexican Outfit."

Greta calls this the “Mexican Outfit.”

Greta loves the colors here and the glass beads in the necklace.


Greta's desperately wants to be allowed to buy this necklace for herself.

Greta’s desperately wants to be allowed to buy this necklace for herself.

This second outfit was the one Greta wants to wear herself in everyday life.  I adore the necklace.


Greta calls this one “the Sun and the Moon”

Greta felt very majestic in these 2 pieces:IMG_3217



Greta calls this “The Woodlands Collection”




Greta calls this the Golden Feathers Collection

These pieces are a great weight. Not droopy and heavy, but not fly-away light or cheap feeling.



Greta calls these the “I’d be allowed to wear these, right?” Collection



Please join us! Please shop for a cause! Please Do Good Wear Good! 


  1. Shop online: There is a small white rectangle in the top left corner, that is a drop down, select “Aimee Fritz,” then marvel at the beauty you’ll find!
  2. Dates: Wednesday 11/11/15 – Tuesday 11/17/15
  3. Special discounts: If you spend over $50 you get free shipping
  4. Remember: Danielle is donating 10% of all sales for teacher salaries at the Haiti Partners Children’s Academy

Please spread the word! Share this post with your friends! Thank you!

gretas collections

These are just a few of the many beautiful pieces at the Trading Hope website! Go check it out!! 11/11-11/17

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©Aimee Fritz & Family Compassion Focus, 2015.



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