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I’m Not a Player

Today I decided to play. My kids were caught off guard. Daddy is Mr. Fun Time, he’s strong, spontaneous, quick to laugh, and agreeable. He wears costumes on a regular Thursday and makes up words almost every meal. He serves pancakes on Saturday mornings, plays video games, board games, and ping pong, and is always up for wrestling. I do none of these things. Well, Daddy had to leave for a business trip at 6:30am on a Sunday. So here we go. When we got home from church I heard many hands pawing through lego bins. I wandered in the room and sat on the floor. Kids: Mom, what are you doing? Me: I’m playing legos. Kids: What?! Me: Yep. Kids: Tell us what pieces you want! What are you making? Have you seen the robot chickens I’m making? Can you build Minecraft stuff? I made a house for robot ninja dogs. They were kind and encouraging.   After legos I asked, “Do you want to eat cheese balls and watch The Amazing Race?” We all ran downstairs, snuggled …

Fallow Fields

God asked me to empty my pockets and buy a fallow field. On a cold January morning in an empty house I was praying as I put away socks and wiped counters. A few weeks into the new year I was still asking, “God, what do you want me to do this year?” I already knew. A vivid dream had lurched me awake and then was translated and confirmed by loving friends. But I was playing dumb.