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The Pruett Family – World Changer Wednesday

Julie is a new friend in Georgia. We were introduced by a visiting mutual friend on a hot summer day, then finally connected on a gray, rainy fall day at Starbucks. We talked about the mysteries of perfectionism, middle school boys, and life in our unique town. But then we started talking about compassion. And it was like we shared our true hearts.

We both are trying to raise un-entitled, generous, compassionate World Changers.  I am really excited to learn from Julie and her family. Be warned – her story below is a such a tease!  I want to know 50 more details about each idea she shares.  I hope we will do compassion experiments together in 2016.

Introducing the Pruett Family!

My husband Paul and I have two children Tyler (age 13) and Avery (age 9). We have been homeschooling for 3 years and feel so blessed to be able to teach our children from a Christian perspective about the world. Tyler is a born leader and perfectionist. He is training for triathlons, plays lacrosse and tennis. Avery is our thoughtful and creative girl. She has a big heart for animals and is hoping to be a vet someday. She rides horses, plays the piano and tennis.

Paul is our chief voice of reason and ultimate handyman. He is a mechanical project engineer, my best friend, and an awesome Dad. We met in college (Roll Tide) and have been married for 18 years. I am Julie. I love being with my family, taking long walks, and crafting.

The Pruett Family

The Pruett Family

How is your family showing compassion in this season?

We started a club called It’s Not All About Me that consists of my children and their friends. We spend one week every summer as well as other times throughout the year doing projects in our local community and internationally too. It is my hope that the children will grow up learning that “It’s Not All About Me”.

When we meet for service projects we usually end our time together with a fun activity so the children are learning how to balance work and fun. Volunteering their time is also teaching them that serving others, through teamwork, is very rewarding.


How did your family decide to do this?

About five years ago I was searching for ways my family could volunteer in our community, but there were not many organizations that would let young children get involved. So, I decided to create a club where my children can be with their friends, and have fun while serving others.


How did you choose your plan of action?

I really did not have a grand vision for the club. I just threw the ideas out there and the club evolved from the energy and enthusiasm of the children and parents.


“It’s Not All About You” at the Real Life Center in Peachtree City, Georgia

Why are you doing it?

I am really passionate about growing young hearts to serve.


What’s the hardest part?

The most time consuming part is the scheduling and planning in the weeks leading up to our “camp” week. Once that part is done the fun can really begin!


Do you have any advice for other families?

 Get started by choosing friends and family you enjoy being with. Once you decide to do this it will be easy to find great organizations to support. You will see how excited and eager everyone will be to join you. All you have to do is ask!


World Changers

How can we join you?

Here are some projects we have done in the past. I hope they inspire you to create your own “It’s Not All About Me” club.

  1. Planted trees at a local park.
  2. Cleaned and painted the play equipment at a local park.
  3. Invited friends to play capture the flag to raise money ($5 to play) for a children’s foster home.
  4. Invited friends to play kickball to raise money ($5 to play) for a park.
  5. Had a lemonade stand to raise money to build water wells in India and provide schooling for children in Indonesia.
  6. Brought hot chocolate to teachers on a teacher workday.
  7. Bought gift cards to give out as random acts of kindness at Kroger and Chick fil A.
  8. Went door to door for canned food to support the local food pantry and dog/cat food for the shelter.
  9. Made dog toys for animals at the shelter.
  10. Made dinner for all of the families in the club (yep, the kids did it all)!!!
  11. Made pinecone bird feeders to hang around the neighborhood for Earth day.
  12. Picked up trash at the parks in the neighborhood.
  13. Worked in a seniors yard.
  14. Read books and played the piano at a retirement home.
  15. Sent a hero box to service men overseas.
  16. Served at an after school center by mentoring to young children.
  17. Collected books for several needy organizations.
  18. Brought a meal to the firemen at the station.
  19. Hosted a shoe making party and made shoes from jeans for children in Africa through Sole Hope.com
  20. We had a sleep out in the backyard to raise awareness and funds for children who are homeless through Covenant House.

See what I mean? TWENTY amazing replicable ideas for our families to try this year! I love it!  I can’t wait for Team Fritz to try one of these things with Team Pruett.

Thank you, Julie!


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You are loved.

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